30 June 2006

Morning news update

Oh what a glorious day this is! I tell you, the tears of that Iker and his Fort Worth gang of criminal rat-bastard stupids will end drought in Texas... I triple guarantee you they are crying at this minute, and soon the insane little dwarf Ducan will join them!!!

Why tears? Because we have victored, that is why! We went into cathedral and crushed them, we cleaned the WHOOOLE place out, they were slaughtered. Mark this word, it turned into Requiem Mass for their "Network" delusion!!

After victoring, Our Glorious Leader decided to punish them by kicking out of TEC! This is true, they begged to stay but we have no use for such stupid donkeys. They are too stupid, too small, they are like tiny speck on camel manure to us! And so we kicked them out of TEC, just like that!!!!

They say it is they who left but do not believe their crazy lies, even those who live on another planet, if there are such people, would not believe such crazy lies... we have kicked THEM out, it is THEIR tears spilling on ground, it is THEM we have proved weak!!! Our Glorious Leader had sweet taste of victory for breakfast!!!!

LOL, this is better than ENS
O this is rich! A new favourite blog! Thanks, thanks, thanks. Especially loved "the insane little dwarf Ducan" [sic?] But where is Glorious Leader Elect? Habemus mamma!
Glorious Leader!

I love it, especially when I read it aloud a la Boris Nogoodnik!

Joe of the Mountain
Anglican COINTELPRO Agent
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