28 June 2006

I speak the truth, not the stupid lies of the Network infidels. Ask any question here to hear the truth.

O Glorious Leader,

Do the departures of Ft. Worth, Pittsburgh, San Joaquin, South Carolina, and what will almost certainly be Springfield, Quincy, and perhaps Albany as well, combined with the departure of Christ Church Plano (equivalent to 24 average Episcopal parishes), indicate that the much-feared split in ECUSA has finally arrived?
O glorious leader...I have been trying to have a conversation in hope of conversion given that they are both of the same root, but suddenly I realized that they share the same root as convertible and I began to feel like I was being taken for a ride. Thank you for allowing me to share my experience. I hope you find it helpful in modifying doctrines to suit my personal preferences.
Holding the Center
Please inform your underling swabs that the officil episcopal information ministry needs to update its right side as there is soon to be a new Glorious Leader as our present Glorious Leader is about out of his supply of hot air.

Faithfully your moral mercenary.
Mr. Honorable Information Minister,
What is truth?
What is the airspeed velocity of an African swallow carrying a coconut?
Faithful Information Minister:

The work is very hard, but I work harder! The work must be done and I will do it! How much longer must I labor?

I love you, Glorious Leader - Four legs good, two legs bad!

Dear Information Minister, given the decreasing attendance at Eucharist Services, there are those that say TEC must have weapons of "Mass" destruction. How do you respond to this accusation?
Dear Information Minister,
We have not had an update for some time. Has your "position" been overcome by Network forces?
Is this blog still alive?

Would love to see more.
Glorious Leader, are you still alive?
Glorious Leader, please speak to us again so that we know that you are doing well as the official spokesperson for 815.
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